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Future Business Leaders attend Young Progress Makers at the Roundhouse

As part of the Future Business Leaders Programme students from partnering schools had the opportunity to attend Young Progress Makers event in the Roundhouse.

Newcastle University London invited students from selected schools in the capital to take part Young Progress Makers, an event organised by London Evening Standard and supported by Citi about young innovators and how they have moulded and changed their industries. The opportunity was part of our flagship outreach programme, Future Business Leaders Programme, which aims to give year 12 students exposure to real business and inspire them to become business leaders of the future.

Prominent speakers

The day was a combination of talks, panels and networking designed to ignite entrepreneurship spirit, create connections and give young people ideas about their future career. The spectacular Roundhouse, Camden hosted speakers including prominent London figures like the Mayor Sadiq Khan and Night Czar Amy Lamé.  

Sophia Thakur, a 21-year old spoken word artist hosted the event which kicked off with an introduction from George Osborne, editor of the Evening Standard. A series of TED-talk like presentations from young entrepreneurs followed where they emphasized the importance of taking bold moves in your career and believing in your abilities.

Networking opportunities

The inspirational influence of the speakers was apparent when the attendees took turns to give 1-minute pitches about their ideas and express their ambitions. Hub Dot gave platform to the young people to exchange ideas and experiences by facilitating a networking session, which was a pleasurable and mind-opening activity.

Hafiz from Harris Academy talked about his key takeaways from the event: "Sam Allende, co-founder of the Don’t Panic creative agency, gave a presentation, which was one of my personal highlights of the day, as it showed me that some rules are made to be broken and that we should not just follow what everybody else will. Another highlight of the event was when we got to network with a variety of people. This helps students get exposed to business links from sixth form giving us a potential step-up.”

Panel discussions

The second panel discussed the biggest challenges that technology must tackle in the future such as climate change, unstable economy and social problems, giving students food for thought and stimulating them to think big. The event culminated in Anne-Marie Imafidon’s talk about empowering women in STEM industry.


Networking session facilitated by Hub Dot

published on: 1 March 2018