A-Z List

A-Z List of Research Units

Use this list to find any of our research units


  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Advanced Model-Based Engineering and Reasoning (AMBER)
  3. Ageing, Newcastle University Institute for
  4. Ageing and Age-Related Chronic Disease, Newcastle NIHR Biomedical Research Centre in (BRC)
  5. Ageing, Health and Society Research Group
  6. Ageing and Older People
  7. Agri-Food Research and Innovation
  8. Animal Sciences
  9. Applied Epidemiology
  10. Applied Mathematics
  11. Archaeology
  12. Architecture Research Collaborative (ARC)
  13. Asynchronous Systems
  14. Bacterial Cell Biology, Centre for (CBCB)
  15. Behaviour and Evolution, Centre for (CBE)
  16. Bioengineering
  17. Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre (BBTC)
  18. Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
  19. Cancer Centre, Newcastle
  20. Cancer Research, Northern Institute for (NICR)
  21. Cancer Trials Research Centre, Sir Bobby Robson
  22. Cardiovascular Research Group
  23. Cell and Molecular Biosciences, Institute for (ICaMB)
  24. Cellular Medicine, Institute of (ICM)
  25. Childhood Cancer
  26. Childhood Cancer Research Group
  27. Children's Literature Unit (CLU)
  28. Classics and Ancient History
  29. Complex Systems
  30. Creative Arts Practice, Newcastle Institute for
  31. Creative Writing
  32. Dementias and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Group
  33. Dermatological Sciences
  34. Design, Manufacture and Materials
  35. Diabetes Research Group
  36. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies Research Group
  37. Digital Institute
  38. Digital Media
  39. Drug Discovery, Development and Early Phase Evaluation
  40. Earth Systems Engineering Research, Centre for (CESER)
  41. East Asian Studies
  42. Economic Geographies
  43. Education
  44. Electrical Power Group
  45. Emerging Technology and Materials
  46. Energy Research, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for (SWAN)
  47. Environmental Engineering
  48. Environmental Regulation Research Group
  49. Epithelial Research Group
  50. Fatigue Research, Newcastle Centre for
  51. Fibrosis
  52. Film and Digital Media, Centre for
  53. Fine Art
  54. Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Systems
  55. Food Quality and Health Sciences
  56. French Studies
  57. Fungal Forum, North East (NEFF)
  58. Game Technologies
  59. Genetic Medicine, Institute of (IGM)
  60. Geodesy 
  61. Geographies of Social Change
  62. Geosciences
  63. Geospatial Engineering
  64. Geotechnics and Structures (GEST)
  65. German Studies
  66. Global Urban Research Unit (GURU)
  67. Governance and Political Organisations
  68. Haemato-Oncology, Centre for
  69. Health and Bioinformatics, Centre for
  70. Health Psychology
  71. Health and Social Care (including Primary Care)
  72. Health and Society, Institute of (IHS)
  73. History
  74. Humanities, Newcastle University Research Institute
  75. Human Nutrition Research Centre
  76. Human Resource Management, Work and Employment
  77. Human Rights and Social Justice Forum 
  78. Identities
  79. Improving Public Health
  80. Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems
  81. Integrated Systems Biology of Ageing and Nutrition, Centre for (CISBAN)
  82. Integrative Bioinformatics
  83. Intelligent Sensing and Communications
  84. International Politics
  85. In Vivo Imaging, Centre for (CIVI)
  86. Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise, Centre for (KITE)
  87. Labour and Society Research Group
  88. Language Acquisition and Bilingualisim
  89. Law
  90. Learning and Teaching, Centre for (CfLaT)
  91. Lewy Body Dementia, NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Unit in
  92. Linguistics and Language Sciences, Centre for Research in (CRiLLS)
  93. Linguistics, Theoretical and Descriptive
  94. Linguistics, Applied
  95. Linguistics, Clinical
  96. Literary Arts, Newcastle Centre for the (NCLA)
  97. Literature
  98. Literature, Children's
  99. Literature, Eighteenth-Century and Romantic
  100. Liver Research Group
  101. Marine Biology, Ecosystems and Governance
  102. Marine Hydrodynamics and Structures
  103. Marine Resources and Renewable Energy
  104. Material Culture (History)
  105. Material and Process (Fine Art)
  106. McCord Centre for Historic and Cultural Landscape
  107. Media, Cultural Heritage
  108. Medical Toxicology Centre (including the Health Protection Research Unit for Chemical & Radiation Threats & Hazards)
  109. Medical Sciences
  110. Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  111. Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture
  112. Medieval and Early Modern Studies Group
  113. Microsystems Research Group
  114. Military, War and Security Research Group
  115. Mitochondrial Research
  116. Mitochondrial Research, Wellcome Trust Centre for
  117. Mobile Computing
  118. Molecular Nutrition
  119. Music Studies, International Centre for (ICMuS)
  120. Musculoskeletal Ageing, Centre for Integrated Research into (CIMA)
  121. Musculoskeletal Research Group
  122. Nanoscale Science and Technology (nanoLAB)
  123. Neural Systems and Applied Neurophysiology
  124. Neurodegenerative, Cerebrovascular & Psychiatric Disorders
  125. Neurological and Neuromuscular Genetics
  126. Neuromuscular Disease, MRC Centre for
  127. Neuroscience, Institute of (ION)
  128. Oceans and Climate
  129. Ophthalmology Research Group
  130. Oral Health Care and Epidemiology
  131. Oral Health Research, Centre for (COHR)
  132. Paediatric Oncology and Haematology
  133. Pedagogy
  134. Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Research Group
  135. Physical Geography
  136. Plant and Microbial Biology
  137. Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre (PEALS)
  138. Political Philosophy
  139. Postcolonial Research Network
  140. Postcolonial Studies
  141. Power, Space, Politics
  142. Public Health Nutrition
  143. Pure Mathematics
  144. Quantum Science - Joint Quantum Centre Durham Newcastle
  145. RNA Biology
  146. Railway Research, Newcastle Centre for (NewRail)
  147. Reproductive and Vascular Biology Group
  148. Rural Economy, Centre for (CRE)
  149. Sarcoma Research Group
  150. Scalable Computing
  151. Secure & Resilient Systems
  152. Security - Information Assurance and Secure Systems
  153. Services Marketing
  154. Site, Curating and Exhibiting
  155. Social Determinants and Health Inequalities
  156. Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy (SiDE)
  157. Social Renewal, Newcastle Institute for
  158. Sociology
  159. Software Reliability, Centre for (CSR)
  160. SOLE Central
  161. Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
  162. Speech & Language Sciences
  163. Statistics
  164. Strategy, Organizations and Society
  165. Stroke Research Group
  166. Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials
  167. Sustainability, Newcastle Institute for Research on (NIReS)
  168. Sustainable Shipping and Marine Engineering
  169. Synthetic Biology and Bioexploitation, Centre for
  170. Teaching Innovation Group
  171. Theatre Studies
  172. Town and Country Planning
  173. Translation and Interpreting Studies
  174. Translational Oral Biosciences
  175. Transport Operations Research Group (TORG)
  176. Urban and Regional Development Studies, Centre for (CURDS)
  177. Urology Research Group
  178. Water Resources Engineering
  179. Wildlife Management, Centre for