Research Related Policies

Policy Title
Document Type & Size
Date Approved
Credit Policy PDF: 298KB 2012
Ethics in Research PDF: 568KB 2017
Freedom of Speech PDF: 135KB 2016
Funding from External Sources in Ethically Difficult Cases or from Ethically Difficult External Sources PDF: 153KB  2006 
Good Practice in Research WEBPAGE 2012
Investigating Allegations of Research Misconduct * PDF: 276KB 2016
Policies - Open Access to Research Outputs PDF: 40KB 2014
Participation of Volunteers in Research Projects PDF: 413KB 2011
Research Data Management Policy and Code of Good Practice PDF: 202KB 2020
University as a Charity Regulated Trust PDF: 132KB 2010
Privacy statement PDF: 221KB 2019
Policy for the Responsible Use of Animal Images PDF: 210KB 2020
Research Publications and Copyright Policy PDF: 77KB 2022
Attribution of Authorship Guidelines PDF: 155KB 2022

* This policy is currently under review. Please also refer to the UKRI policy.


Commercial and IP Policies

Policy Title
Document Type & Size
Date Approved
Consultancy and other external professional work PDF: 411KB 2020
Declarations of External Interests Policy PDF: 348KB 2019
Ownership, Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property for Employees ** PDF: 1,575KB 2020

** This policy combines and replaces the following policies:

Intellectual Property for University Staff,

Intellectual Property Rights for Visiting Researchers,

Staff involvement with University spin-out companies


Teaching & Learning Policies 

Policy Title
Document Type & Size
Date Approved
Bidding, Operation and Management of Doctoral Training CentreBidding, Operation and Management of Doctoral Training Centre PDF: 485KB 2015
Confidentiality and Intellectual Property (including Inventions) and Results for Research Students PDF: 327KB 2014
Design Right and Copyright of Teaching & Learning Materials PDF: 254KB 2002
Design Right, Copyright of Learning & Teaching Materials and Confidentiality - Learning and Teaching activities provided by individuals not employed by the University, including Visiting Staff PDF: 297KB 2013
Educational Partnership PDF: 237KB 2016
Learning and teaching projects involving NUInternational Singapore PDF: 156KB 2014
Management of Postgraduate Occasional Students PDF: 57KB 2015
Programme Approval PDF: 385KB 2014
Quality assurance and award of credit for short courses PDF: 419KB 2011
Work-based and Placement Learning Policy PDF: 395KB 2014
UG and Taught PG Intellectual property PDF: 295KB 2013