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Finding a graduate job

How to find a graduate job

Here’s a list of tips that should help kickstart your journey to job offer success

Applying for graduate roles can be an overwhelming process. I'm currently in my final year at Newcastle University London and there are so many companies in the world that have schemes or roles that are available for graduates - it's a little overwhelming! But fear not, I have compiled a list of tips that should help you to start your journey to job offer success!

1. Newcastle University Careers page

On the Newcastle University careers page there are lots of opportunities advertised which can be filtered by location, career sector and nature of the role (e.g. internship, graduate) which is really useful for finding tailored results. There is also an option to sign up for daily or weekly alerts of application deadlines, so don’t miss out!

2. The Times' Top 100 graduate employers

The Times' top 100 graduate employers list is also a great place to start your job search. They feature the top 100 companies with the best graduate packages. The Times' website offers an option to sign up for deadline alerts so scroll down the list and research any that might be appealing to you

3. FTSE companies

The London Stock exchange lists the world’s largest companies – so looking at the companies on the FTSE100 and FTSE250 lists are also great for inspiration. If you are looking for a smaller company, then the AIM is also a good list to search (e.g. where ASOS and other brands are listed).

4. Bright Networks

The Bright Network's website has been a brilliant resource with helping me in my graduate job search. Not only do they provide exclusive opportunities for students, but there’s lots of information about application advice, company specific information and commercial awareness updates which are good to discuss in interviews too. There is also a deadline calendar so you can see which opportunities are closing the soonest. 

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also brilliant for job searching as lots of companies now advertise on here, so setting up an alert for ‘graduate 2020’ for example will show lots of opportunities both as they get released and those already existing. More companies are now listing their opportunities on platforms, other than their own website, to generate more interest and reach a broader pool of applicants.

These are lots of sites and ways that can help you when applying for graduate roles - these are just some of the resources that have helped me but this list is by no means exhaustive! It is really important to start your research early and learn when these opportunities open as they can be recruited for on a rolling basis. I wish you enormous success with your job search and the best of luck with all of your applications!