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My Banking Internship at Goldman Sachs

How I found my internship at Goldman Sachs

In this blog, Student Ambassador Jagoda will speak about her experience of being an Intern at Goldman Sachs and will offer some tips for applying to internships for future and current students.

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Last Summer, I interned in the securities division at Goldman Sachs. It was an amazing experience and really helped to expand my knowledge of the industry, the firm and each department within it. Since the internship, I have enhanced my network and made great friends. I was able to familiarise myself with the office environment and all the necessary procedures, terminologies and programmes that employees of Goldman Sachs use for their everyday work. 

What surprised me is the high number of different individual teams that specify in very narrow piece of the business, making it a big, perfectly functioning machine - where everyone knows what their responsibility is. Internships at big firms can be pretty competitive - so take a look at my top five tips below on applying for internships and how to make the most out of your time as an Intern.

1. Polished CV and cover letter

Make sure your CV and cover letter are spotless, and I mean it. Grammar and spelling mistakes are an absolute no-go, but recruiters also pay attention to the visual side. Your text has to be consistent, appropriately sized and aligned. When you finish writing and perfecting it, make sure you ask someone to check it for you. You don’t want to risk your application landing in the bin for so easily avoidable reason! You can always ask the Careers team at Newcastle University London to look at your CV by logging into MyCareer.

2. Decent research

It is crucial to research the company and position you are planning to apply to. The internship will likely be the foundation for your future job application and if it is aligned with what you like and see yourself doing, it will benefit you greatly. It will look good if you come to the internship prepared – with a good idea of what your team does – it will impress your managers and colleagues and give them great first impression of your dedication.

3. Good attitude

 Remember that as an intern, after only couple weeks of training, you will not immediately become an asset business-wise. The value you can add however, is your attitude to work and your colleagues. Make sure you are diligent, proactive and that you contribute massively to maintaining a good atmosphere in your team and office. Be ready to make mistakes, take accountability for them and move on with the work.

4. Network, network, network

An Internship is not only an opportunity to gain practical knowledge, it's also a great way to enhance your network. People often underestimate the power of connections and focus only on delivering the tasks and projects. Interns have the opportunity to meet the most senior people in the company, which could be impossible for an ‘outsider’. Make the most of this chance and write down the names of absolutely everyone you meet, try to also add them on Linkedin too if possible. 

5. Perseverance is key

Some of the internships are very competitive – if you are applying to these be prepared for a lot of application submissions. I know of some people who submitted over a hundred applications yet only got couple interviews. Don’t give up - perseverance is key. 

For more information on how you can find an internship, search the My Career database today.