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How my postgraduate degree enhanced my cv

How my MSc degree enhanced my CV

Choosing a postgraduate degree is not always an easy task – this is why I wanted to share why a postgraduate degree is worth considering and how my course at NUL has boosted my CV.

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Official recognition of competencies and skills

A postgraduate degree can be required for certain graduate jobs and will constitute a great addition to you CV - making your application stand out from the crowd. My MSc International Marketing degree at Newcastle University London certifies that I acquired a wide range of competencies in Marketing from basic principles to more specific areas such as market research, digital marketing, brand management and international marketing strategies.  Postgraduate study is recognised by practitioners and employers thanks to the quality of teaching and reputation of the school, but most importantly thanks to its accreditations in the field of study. In my case, my international marketing degree will be widely recognised thanks to its accreditations given by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), one of the world’s leading international bodies for marketing and business management and the Market Research Society

Opportunity to extend skillset 

A postgraduate degree not only provides certifications in your field of expertise but also additional competencies. Through projects and groupwork I was able to strengthen my skills in managing and developing marketing plans and projects, but also in creating presentations and speaking in public. Additionally, some projects gave me real tools to demonstrate my entire skillset. For instance, I had to design two marketing plans for real companies. I can easily use them in my cv and it gives me relevant material to discuss during interviews. Last but not least, a postgraduate degree gives the ability to write another dissertation, which demonstrates advanced academic skills and is valuable material for conversations with employers as well. 

Opportunity to join societies

Joining a postgraduate programme is also a good opportunity to start new extra-curricular activities — joining an association or the student ambassador team, running for student representative, or creating your own project. The university has a large network of student associations and societies. I personally took my postgraduate year as an opportunity to become student ambassador and work as a part-time digital marketer. Both experiences allowed me to put my knowledge into practice and add extra experiences on my cv.  

Opportunity to start a new internship

Newcastle University London provides options for postgraduate students to follow three-month internship or an exciting range of shorter CV-enhancing placements. Additionally, a dedicated team is in place to help students find a placement and have secured a number of internships exclusively for Newcastle University London students.

Benefit from career advice 

Career teams at Newcastle University London and Newcastle University are here to support and prepare us in the best possible ways for life after graduation. Their award-winning careers service is designed to help us in developing our career paths, employability and even entrepreneurial skills. As a postgraduate student, it is very important to receive careers advice and support before entering the working world. For this reason - the service is available anytime online and offline for support. Additionally, the team organises several ‘career days’ throughout the year to receive individual coaching about writing a cv, cover letter, discuss career planning and more. These 'future focus sessions' were undoubtedly beneficial to prepare myself with the best tools to achieve my career objectives.