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Make University Experience the Best it Could Be

Make your University Experience the Best it Could Be

“University's like this little world, a bubble of time separate from everything before and everything after.” ― Mhairi McFarlane

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Do your research

Firstly, when applying to university make sure you have done your research. When I applied to Newcastle University London last summer, I made sure I attended the Postgraduate Open Day on campus and it was from that day onward that I was certain about my choice to study here. I was welcomed by very friendly staff and I was enticed by their Newcastle accents! How could it be that a top Russell Group University in the North East of England was here, right in London?

Applying to University can be stressful, but seeing that the campus was quite small and that the class sizes would be more personal and intimate, I felt relieved. I know that choosing a university can be daunting for many people, but here you get the best of both worlds; a relaxed university environment in a busy and vibrant location.

When I received my offer to study here, I was so pleased.

Use social media

To prepare myself for coming to university, I made sure to follow Newcastle University on social media. These included – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is important as many events are posted online. At the open day I attended, I met other prospective Postgraduate students who I kept in touch with. It was reassuring to know that I would recognize a few familiar faces on my first day. It’s always good to be proactive.

Finding accommodation

I am from near London so I commute daily to university. However, I know accommodation in London is easy to find and the university are extremely helpful if you need guidance. They are very supportive and will make the process as simple and hassle free as possible. I have friends who are currently living in Chapter Spitalfields which has a breath taking, rooftop view of London just around the corner from our campus. It is definitely a win-win!

Fresher’s week

The days leading up to the start of term were so exciting and I attended many activities which took place during Fresher’s week. It was a great way to meet new people and to make friends. The friends I made on that first day are some of my closest friends now.

There were events such as visiting London Zoo and London Aquarium, all of which helped me get a feel for London life. My personal favourite activity was going on the ‘ArcelorMittal’ Orbit slide. This slide is one of the world’s longest, fastest, tallest tunnel slide and it was truly such a memorable experience. Fresher’s week in London was full of fun events and I wish I could re-live it all over again.

Welcome drinks reception at freshers' week

Looking back

Overall, my university experience has been fantastic. I have met so many people from all around the world, I have loved my course and I have really enjoyed and appreciated the different events the university have organised for us. Before you arrive, I would advise you to create a London ‘bucket list’, as it would be an amazing way to reflect on how many things you have achieved whilst living in a wonderful city. Time has gone by so quickly and I am extremely grateful to have been able to embark on this postgraduate journey. I cannot wait for the rest of the year to unfold!


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