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Spring in London

Spring in London

Why I'm looking forward to Spring and some of the lovely things you can do as it gets warmer in London

What comes to your mind when you think of spring? Fresh flowers? A perfect picnic? Wonderful warmth?

I have been looking forward to spring for so long now, longing for warmer weather. After all, I can’t be the only one whose productivity plunges in the cold weather, and who wants to spend all winter hibernating. Therefore, the idea of changing weather naturally encourages me to plan on going out and doing more.

One of the ways I take advantage of the warmer weather is by exercising. It is not a great amount, but better than nothing, so I run for 20 minutes near my house. Running has the power to relieve stress and also lessens the guilt of eating my favourite fattening foods such as chips, burgers and pasta. Some of my friends have even already started working out to get ready for the summer holiday and have started buying bikinis!

How I enjoy Spring

In London, there are a lot of parks which bring us green colour scenery and fresh air. Among those, I would like to strongly recommend Primrose Hill, located in Regent’s Park. It is a beautiful hill from which you can see an amazing view of Central London. I would usually go there when I worked out, showed my friends the view and also enjoyed a firework show there on New Year’s. Additionally, you would see a diverse range of flowers and plants, all having pretty and sometimes complicated names, in Queen Mary’s garden.

image of Primrose hill in London 

One tip to make the most of your time in the park is to ride a bike along the length of the park. When I rode the bike in London for the first time, I got so nervous and worried about that bikers should follow the lane with cars, which is different from my home country, South Korea. But along the park, you do not need to worry! And if you do not have a bike, there are readily available Santander public bicycles in exchange for a small fee: it cost me only £2 and you can ride for 24 hours if you take it back to any nearest bicycle station within every 30 minutes. Otherwise, the fee is charged again. I remember worrying that I would not be able to return the bike in time on the driveway with two minutes left.

image of Santander bicycles


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