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Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019

My plans for the new year

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New beginnings are exciting for everyone! At the turn of each year we tend to plan an array of interesting and amusing experiences, and resolve to make the most of the coming 12 months. Many will agree that their first semester in Newcastle University London (NUL) passed by in a flash (at least mine did!), and I think that it is fair to say that most students feel the same way. Now we find ourselves at the beginning of a new semester and a new year, ready to take on whatever life throws at us!

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2019?

Everyone must have New Year’s resolutions. I used to have the usual targets such as exercising on a regular basis, studying harder and being more patient. Of course, these are still included in this year’s resolution, but I have added a new one which is particularly important to me. This is to get work experience which can be the foundation of my future occupation. It scares me, but on the other hand I know it would be a big step closer to my dream of becoming a marketer.
Another resolution is to stay healthy. Many international students will understand this studying away from their home countries. I have often suffered from indigestion from the different types of food in the UK. My solution has been to start cooking Korean food and eat less food made of flour such as pizza, sandwiches and pasta. I was not at all interested in cooking before I lived on my own in London, but I realized that I needed to do it for my health. As time has passed, indigestion and stomach ache have gradually disappeared, especially as my cooking skills have improved!

The forthcoming Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday is the day for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in England it is a bank holiday. During this season, a lot of people go on holiday. Students won’t have any classes in April, which is good news for all of us. Since I started studying in last September, I haven’t had a chance to go anywhere, even for a day. Therefore, I am so looking forward to having a special holiday in Malta. Malta is located in the central Mediterranean and is known for a number of fortresses and other historic places. However, above everything else, the most exciting thing to think of in this cold English weather is that I will be able to swim in places such as Blue Lagoon and Comino. I cannot wait to swim in hot weather!


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