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Aleena Ijaz

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I am a second-year undergraduate student studying Accounting and Finance. Studying in London, I love exploring the city because of the vibrant culture and the variety of things to do and see.

Your course

I chose to study Accounting and Finance because it’s a very versatile course. The degree does not restrict me to one area but at the same time it allows me to explore finance and accounting in more depth. Another aspect that attracted me to the course is the accreditations. The number of accreditations offered by this course was one of the best I’d seen, and it would give me a real advantage when beginning my graduate job; I wouldn’t have to complete as many exams as my peers and could instead focus on settling into the new role!

Choosing Newcastle University London

My decision to choose to study at Newcastle’s London campus was primarily rooted in the university’s prestigious status as a founding member of the Russell group, it’s TEF Gold status recognising it for its excellent teaching and the opportunity to become a part of the bustling capital, accompanied with excellent career prospects.

I also chose university over any other route because I was still unsure about what career path I wanted to go down, and university gave me the time and opportunity to discover where my real interests lie.

Highlights so far

What I’m loving most about studying at NUL is being able to explore the city since there’s always something to get involved in or somewhere to visit.
At university, there’s regular masterclasses being held which allow you to gain insight and explore all your options. I also love being part of the London Food Society. We go out and try different cuisines each week and it’s also a great way to connect with other students at the same time.

Best bits about your course

There’s a close-knit feel of the classroom since our class sizes are relatively small making the lectures much more enjoyable. I’m enjoying all aspects of my course, but I like that my course isn’t restricted to just accounting. I’m getting to explore different areas of finance which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I also love that there is great cultural diversity in my course as my fellow students are truly from all over the world; I think this really enriches the international aspect of the course.

Living in London

I live at home just outside of London, so I commute to university regularly. While my commute is a little longer than my fellow students, I save a tonne of money on accommodation whilst still enjoying the London life. Being a student in London is exciting and varied! Whilst London is known to be on the expensive side, there’s always student discounts on offer which makes your everyday spending a little easier on your budget. Whilst I don’t live in London, I’m still enjoying everything this city has to offer.

Top tips for prospective students

If you are an international student do you have any advice for students thinking of studying in the UK?
If you’re thinking about studying at NUL, my most important advice to you, as prospective students, would be to really do your research! Get as much information about the course and modules you’ll be studying to make sure you fully understand what you’re dedicating 3/4 years of your life to. Also, as part of your research, make sure you visit the campus and speak to the students, as it’s truly the best way to decide if a university is for you. Good luck!


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