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Ka Yu

Ka Yu

My name is Ka Yu and I'm currently in my second year at Newcastle University London studying BSc International Marketing and Management.

Your course

It was the real world application and versatile nature that drove me to choose International Marketing and Management here. The course is intriguing as the modules are varied and it mainly takes a case study approach in classes which provides me an insight into the business world in an international context through.

Choosing Newcastle University London

My decision to study here at Newcastle University London is a mainly based on the fact that it is a renowned university and is a founding member of the prestigious Russell group. The location is also a plus as the school is situated in London’s central business district and is surrounded by significant global financial institutions such as the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, etc which can be beneficial for business/finance students in terms of internships and work opportunities.

Highlights so far

The school organises many different activities and there are different masterclasses like career conferences to offer each week. One of the best things about Newcastle University London is that there is a lack of hierarchy between the students and staff/teachers. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming, and professors tend to engage in conversations with students outside lectures to build a supportive, considerate relationship which is much appreciated by many students.

Best bits about my course

There is a great variety of people here at Newcastle University London. The multicultural aspect of our student body makes socialising much more interesting as you get to learn about different cultures and the discussions in class becomes more colourful as everyone has different experiences to share.

Living in London

I personally live in a student accommodation called “Chapter”. Living in a student accommodation is more convenient for most students as you don’t have to take care of bills. Student accommodations often offer free 24/7 on-site gyms, quick broadband wifi connections and quiet study areas. It also gives you a great opportunity to meet students from other universities and build your social network. If you’re on a budget and would like to rent something a bit cheaper, it would be a good idea to find some friends to rent a private apartment with.

Being a student in London

London is a busy city with numerous opportunities. There are over 100 parks to enjoy nice quiet walks, over 350 live music venues and over 7000 bars and pubs for you to have a drink with your friends and also over 1000 galleries and museums (mostly free) for students to expand their cultural horizon.

Top tips for prospective students

It’s important that you do your research on universities before you make your decision. The best way would be to attend open days to get a first hand experience of the atmosphere or speak to current students at university fairs to gain a better understanding about the culture and life at the university. You also should figure out what subjects in particular interests you the most as you will be dedicating 3-4 years of your life to it and your selection of universities will change according to your subject interests. All the best to your application and good luck!

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