Admissions Policies

Admissions Policies

We have several policies to communicate how we make admissions decisions.

Admissions Policy

How we make decisions about admitting applicants to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Admissions Complaints and Appeals Procedure

We work hard to be fair and process every application within a reasonable timescale. But, if you're unhappy with the way we've handled your application please get in touch. We try to resolve issues fast and informally.

This policy explains how and when you can make a complaint or appeal against a decision.

Criminal Convictions Policy and Procedure for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions

If you have a criminal conviction you might worry about it stopping you from studying with us. This policy explains which convictions we need to consider and the process we go through.

Policy and Procedure for Admitting Students Under 18

We welcome applications from people of any age. If you're under 18 then we have a special duty of care as in the UK you're still classed as a child. This policy sets out how we prepare for the admission of someone under 18.

Policy on Credit Transfer and the Recognition of Prior Learning

This policy is for those who want to transfer to Newcastle from a different UK institution. It is also relevant if you want us to consider any previous experience or qualifications. Individual Schools or subjects have specific arrangements available on our regulations pages.

Postgraduate Applicant Deposit Refund Policy

Usually your deposit is non-refundable and we'll deduct it from your tuition fees.  But, there are some instances when we'll refund your deposit. Our Deposit Refund Policy  sets out the circumstance and deadlines by which you can ask for your money back.