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EDI Toolkit for Researchers

This is an EDI Toolkit created for researchers, particularly people who lead research teams, but can be used by anyone who delivers or enables research. The resource is designed to support you to understand EDI issues in and around research.

EDI Toolkit

The EDI toolkit contains a series of informative pages and guides. It focuses on the nine protected characteristics listed under the Equality Act (2010) in the UK but also contains a glossary as well as guides on modelling inclusive behaviours, accessibility, allyship and using inclusive behaviours.

The project team recommends that you browse the toolkit, familiarise yourself with the content so that you can refer back to relevant pages to support your work and contributions to research.

If you would like to share any feedback or recommend resources to add to the toolkit, there is a feedback section at the bottom of the page.


This toolkit is a 'living document' that we will seek to continuously improve. It is also an open resource - if there is anything that you’d like to see added to these pages, or if you have any other ideas and suggestions, please do get in touch via email.


The EDI toolkit project has been supported by many colleagues across Newcastle University and beyond. Colleagues and students from a wide range of roles have been involved from the research stages to stakeholder engagement and pilot phases. The toolkit you see today is thanks to everyone who has been involved in shaping this resource. We thank everyone for their involvement.