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International collaborations are integral to the University's Research and Innovation Strategy, and contribute toward the global reach of our research.  As part of this strategy, the University is commited to managing risks in international research and innovation

Researchers are expected to:

  • Undertake due diligence to assess partner suitability as part of the University's Trusted Research process.
  • Adopt strategies to mitigate risks
  • Comply with relevant legislation (including Export Control)
  • Ensure the necessary approvals are in place before work is completed.

An Export Licence may be required if technolgy, data or know-how that has a direct / indirect military application is shared with individuals or organisations overseas.  This applies to:

  • Shipment of physical goods, including components
  • Sharing technical plans / data / algorithms etc. by email
  • Providing access to technical plans / data / algorithms etc. on a shared data platform
  • An online meeting in which test results are discussed with an overseas partner
  • Presenting information at an overseas meeting or conference
  • Taking a laptop, mobile phone or USB stick overseas on which controlled technology is stored