Impact on Teaching

Export Control - impact on teaching

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Internationalisation is a key component of the University's Education Strategy.  Newcastle University is proud of its global partnerships and thriving international community.  However, the University has a duty to manage risks in internationalisation, alongside our commutment to teaching excellence and providing a quality student experience.

In addition to undertaking due diligence on global education partnerships, certain teaching activities must also comply with UK Export Control legislation in order to maintain a safe environment for our colleagues and students.  

An Export Licence may be required if:

  • The course content or teaching materials include reference to technology that has a direct / indirect military application, and
  • The technology is shared with students, participants or organisations outside the UK.

Key Principles

There are three key principles to consider in relation to teaching activities:

  1. Is the technology, data or know-how controlled under UK legislation?
  2. Do any exemptions apply?
  3. Are there any end-user concerns?

Internal support is available by completing an Export Control Query Form.