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Dr Beth Davidson

Research Funding Development Manager



Beth started at the University in 2019 as the Clinical Secretary in the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences whilst completing her PhD. Her primary role was to provide support to the Director of Clinical Education to ensure the smooth running of all clinical aspects of the Speech and language programmes we offer (BSc Speech and Language Therapy, Master of Speech and Language Sciences, MSc Language Pathology). This was heavily focussed on the co-ordination of placements with external partners within the NHS and Local Speech and Language services.

Between January - October 2021 she was seconded to the position of Executive Operations Administrator and PA to the Head of School and School Manager within ECLS. 

Beth was awarded her PhD in the field of History in June 2021. Having made the decision to pursue a professional services career in research she was appointed to the role of Research Funding Development Manager in October 2021. She is passionate about demonstrating the value of Humanities and Social Sciences to a broad range of audiences and particularly enjoys facilitating discussion that leads to new and exciting collaborations across disciplines.


BA (Hons) History (2013)

MRes in History (2014)

PhD History (2021) 'Beyond Empire': The Transformation of U.S. Trade and Commercial Policy toward Latin America during the Administrations of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt


In her role Beth supports academic staff with applications to UK Funding Bodies (including main bodies such as AHRC, ESRC, British Academy) She support Schools across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences together with her colleague Lorraine Smith.

Our Research Funding Development Team provides:

  • Advice on funder strategy
  • Information on funders' forthcoming plans and opportunities
  • Support for large and complex funding applications
  • Visits and information sessions from funders
  • 'In House' funding information sessions
  • Advice on finding funding
  • Advice on preparing funding applications
  • Lay review of funding applications
  • Grant Training

Beth serves as the first point of contact for the following Schools within the Faculty:


Please get in touch if you feel that she can help your funding application in any way


I have a keen interest in Late Nineteenth/ Early Twentieth Century U.S. Foreign policy with particular regards to economic policy and economic imperialism. I have a particular geographical interest in the trade and commercial relationships between the United States and both the Far East and Latin America. I am especially interested in the Open Door ideology and find the study of tariffs and reciprocity particularly appealing. My interests extend further to U.S. Diplomatic History, most especially that of the William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt administrations.

Having completed my PhD in History in June 2021 my career path has moved away from academia while still remaining in the arena of research. I continue to pursue my own research in my spare time and am currently in the early stages of a new collaborative project that stems from my thesis.

Publications as an Independent Scholar

Book Review

Davidson, Beth, Theodore Roosevelt: Preaching from the Bully Pulpit. By Benjamin J. WetzelOxford University Press, 2021. XIV  213pp. £30.00. History Volume 108 Issue 379-280 p.165-167

Also available as an E-Publication in History: The Journal of the Historical Association