Staff Profile

Carole Greenwood

Contracts Officer


Roles & Responsibilities 

Provide comprehensive administrative support to the G&C team and delivers a prompt and efficient service to the research community in securing research income.


Key duties:

  • Provide advice to the research and support community of grant funding processes and procedures
  • Administer the checking of research funding applications ensuring compliance with funder terms and conditions and University policy
  • Liaise with NHS colleagues highlighting the requirement of NHS involvement
  • Advise and highlight to grants and contracts managers any issues or anomalies or non-compliance  with funding applications prior to arranging approvals
  • Ensure timely submission of electronic grant funding applications
  • Provide prompt and accurate information to finance teams to enable research account setup to take place quickly and efficiently for non-collaborative, non-clinical awards
  • Populate collaborative agreements with accurate information under the direction of the Grants & Contracts managers
  • Co-ordinate the gathering of comments from collaborators and inform the Grants & Contracts Managers for review