Staff Profile

Dr Dajana Dzanovic

EU and International Research Funding Team Manager


EU and International Research Funding Team

I am a member of the EU and International Research Funding Team, part of the Research Strategy and Development. I am responsible for overseeing four members of the Team.

Our role is to help our research community secure the highest possible level of participation in EU and International funding, including Horizon 2020, Erasmus , related EU funding programmes and a wide range of international and Internationally-focussed opportunities.

We do this by:

  • Disseminating early intelligence on funding opportunities
  • Providing briefing sessions on general proposal writing skills and on specific funding schemes
  • Helping applicants with the generic content of proposals
  • Providing tailored information sessions to individuals, groups, Schools and Institutes
  • Acting as Newcastle University representatives at a number of external stakeholder groupings

Dissemination resources

  • Funding Toolkit: under (re-)development
  • Twitter: @EUandIntNcl
  • Email: please send me an email to sign-up to our EU and International funding mailing list