Staff Profile

Dr Jarlath McKenna

Research Funding Development Manager



In my role as a Research Funding Development Manager I support academic staff with their applications to UK funding bodies to enable their research. In particular, I support the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics, and together with my colleague Victoria Bainbridge the School of Natural & Environmental Sciences. I also work flexibly within the team to respond to research development opportunities across the SAgE Faculty, including facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration across the University.

Our Research Funding Development Team provides:

  • advice on funder strategy;
  • information on funders' forthcoming plans and opportunities;
  • support for large and complex funding applications;
  • visits and information sessions from funders;
  • 'in house' funding information sessions;
  • advice on finding funding;
  • advice on preparing funding applications;
  • lay review of funding applications;
  • grant training.

For more information please see the Science, Agriculture and Engineering Faculty research support website (internal only):

Please get in touch if I can help in any way with your research funding.


I studied Physics at Queen’s University Belfast and was awarded my PhD in 2006 having used ultrafast intense lasers to understand and control atomic and molecular dynamics. I then undertook two postdoctoral research associate positions at Kansas State University and Imperial College London, developing my research into the emerging area of attosecond science.

Upon leaving academia, I worked for the Institute of Physics Publishing for seven years in an editorial role managing and developing a small portfolio of journals.

In 2017, I joined the Research Support Services team at University of Birmingham (College of Engineering and Physical Sciences) where I specialised in developing and delivering training and events to support research funding applications. I joined Newcastle University in October 2018 and work to support the Faculty's academic staff in maximising their research funding.