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Rob Andrew

Grants Administrator


Research Grants Administrator

Job Purpose:

Research Grants Administrator

Job Purpose:

To be an effective member of the University's G&C Teams providing comprehensive administrative support within the G&C teams, in delivering a prompt and efficient service to the academic community in securing research income.

Key Duties:

Provide advice to the academic and research support community of grant funding processes and procedures.  Administer the checking of research funding applications ensuring compliance with funder terms and conditions and University policy.

Advise and highlight to Grants & Contracts Managers any issues or anomalies or non-compliance with funding applications prior to arranging approvals.

Ensure timely submission of electronic grant funding applications.

Provide prompt and accurate information to finance teams to enable RES account setup to take place quickly and efficiently for non-collaborative, non-clinical awards.

Populate collaborative agreements with accurate information under the direction of the Grants & Contracts Managers.

Coordinate the gathering of comments from collaborators and inform the Grants & Contracts Managers for review.

Provide clerical support to the Grants & Contracts Team and the NJRO.

Out of Work

I am a member of the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team, a voluntary emergency service on call 24/7. As such I may be required to leave the office and respond to incidents at short notice - thank you for your understanding and patience when this occurs.  

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