Staff Profile

Rob Andrew

Contracts Officer


Contracts Officer in Research Grants and Contracts

Some of my duties include:

  • Act as a first point of contact for research agreements including Funding Agreements, Collaboration Agreements, and Subcontracts
  • Collate and validate award documentation and assess projects for the need for further research agreements 
  • Review, adapt, negotiate, populate and coordinate research agreements with external organisations, ensuring that appropriate measures and terms are in place to ensure risks are acceptable and understood and the best possible outcome is secured for the University and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where appropriate
  •  Keep University systems and other records up to date
  •  Process complex account setup requests and variations to research accounts

Out of Work

I am a member of Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team, a voluntary emergency service on call 24/7. As such I may be required to leave the office and respond to incidents at short notice - thank you for your understanding and patience when this occurs.  

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