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JPN4061 : Level D (Further Advanced) Japanese

  • Offered for Year: 2020/21
  • Module Leader(s): Mrs Kumi Casey
  • Lecturer: Dr Shiro Yoshioka
  • Other Staff: Ms Etsuko Suda, Dr Michael Tsang
  • Owning School: Modern Languages
  • Teaching Location: Newcastle City Campus
Semester 1 Credit Value: 20
Semester 2 Credit Value: 20
ECTS Credits: 20.0


This module provides students with language competence in advanced Japanese, provides students with the basis for community interpreting, trains students in the fundamentals of Japanese translation (Japanese-English, English-Japanese) and offers students a good level in business Japanese. Students will build upon the achievements made during your year abroad in Japan or those made in Level C Japanese. Students will master vocabulary, grammatical structures, writing styles and spoken styles at an advanced level. By the end of the module, students will be writing confidently and naturally in a variety of written-Japanese styles, students will be able to read a vast range of real-world texts, students will have developed the ability to understand a variety of oral sources and students will converse fluently using a sufficiently articulated language. Students will be able to engage with community interpreting, to move towards a career that builds upon the basic knowledge of translation techniques and students will have sufficient knowledge of business Japanese to think about a job in a Japanese company.

The training that students will get and the level that students will obtain is that required in level N1 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Besides the goals state above, this module also aims at:
1) Developing an appropriate level of inter-cultural sensitivity in students, enabling successful interpersonal communication in a range of different situations.
2) Continuing to provide students with the necessary skills to become better language learners.

Outline Of Syllabus

1. Reading
We shall read real-world texts covering a broad range of topics such as: Japanese language, current social and political issues, and Japanese history.
2. Listening
The listening materials will be used: news, documentaries, films.

You will develop skills in translation from English to Japanese and vice versa

4. Business Japanese.
The module will take you through two manuals of business Japanese. You will learn how to converse and to behave in the professional environment of Japanese companies, how to read and write documents related to business work and you will master a specific vocabulary related to business Japanese. You will also read a Japanese news article every week.
5. Writing .
You will develop skills in writing compositions, summaries, interviews, etc.
6. Interpreting
You will develop skills for community interpreting.
7. Speaking.
You will develop skills in making speeches in Japanese, sustaining a discussion in Japanese making clear your arguments and sustaining them in an articulated way, plan and develop little projects that entail presentations in Japanese.

Please note that the syllabus, the course content and the pace may be changed as necessary to reflect students’ needs.

Teaching Methods

Module leaders are revising this content in light of the Covid 19 restrictions.
Revised and approved detail information will be available by 17 August.

Assessment Methods

Module leaders are revising this content in light of the Covid 19 restrictions.
Revised and approved detail information will be available by 17 August.

Reading Lists