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Which Projects need Ethical Review?

Newcastle University requires that the online ethics form is submitted for all projects before any work begins. This includes research, consultancy and teaching projects, whether the principal investigator is a student or staff member, and whether the project is funded or unfunded.  

Projects that are considered as high risk by Newcastle University will require formal ethics review by a Research Ethics Committee.  

The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: the principal investigator completes Newcastle University's online ethics form. The form is made up of a series of questions, which aim to help the principal investigator identify whether the project is 'high risk' and requires further formal ethical review by a Research Ethics Committee.   

Step 2: once the form is completed and submitted, the principal investigator will receive a notification that either:

  • based on the answers provided, the University is satisfied that the project meets the University's ethical expectations and grants the project ethical approval
  • based on the answers provided, the project requires further review by a Research Ethics Committee before any research can begin

The online ethics form must be completed as accurately as possible, but acts only as a guide to facilitate the ethics management process. Ultimately, the principal investigator is responsible for ensuring their research satisfies Newcastle University's ethical expectations, and has been subject to the appropriate level of ethical review. If the principal investigator thinks that the form has incorrectly identified their project as low risk, they should contact, before commencing any project work.