Research & Innovation Team

Research & Innovation

We develop and support research. Working in partnership with local research administrators in our faculties, schools, institutes and other research units as well as other professional service units.

We provide our researchers with a range of support including costing and pricing, managing contracts and intellectual property.

Our role is to support research relevant to the University's objectives by working closely with local research administrators. To do this we also help with; research strategy and policy development, funding opportunities and strategic activities, bids and initiatives.

We manage any internal and external reviews of research including the Research Excellence Framework (REF) strategy, planning and submission.

Newcastle Joint Research Office (NJRO)

The NJRO supports researchers in Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals.

We provide a partnership that assists researchers in both the University and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are able to leverage skills and resources within both organisations to develop, implement and deliver world-class research.