Training & Development

Training and Development


We want our researchers to excel in their work.  To support this we provide a variety of training with plenty of opportunities for development, including:

Postgraduate Researchers

research degree can provide a route into an academic career. It can open opportunities in commercial research and development, consultancy, or lead to your own business.

As one of our postgraduate researchers you have the chance to develop skills that could lead to:

  • an academic career
  • commercial research and development
  • consultancy
  • your own business

Develop your employability by gaining specific skills like project management and analysis, or work on projects with industrial partners.

With our help and support, we enable our postgraduates to generate ideas, foster networks and develop new projects.

Personal Development

We provide a dedicated team to deliver support and resources required by researchers to help them excel in their research, and facilitate their personal and professional growth.

Our Organisational Development Unit supports a wide variety of workshops from personal development, leadership courses and how to use IT programmes.

Comprehensive in-house research training opportunities include:

Mentoring Opportunities

This initiative gives our colleagues the chance to act as voluntary mentors, to gain and give some informal career development.

Many of our research staff have benefitted from at least one day over the past 12 months participating in coaching and/or mentoring activities as part of NU Mentoring.

Clinical Academic Career Path

Posts that offer the structure and support academics need to develop their clinical research skills and a postdoctoral research career.

Newcastle University works in partnership with Health Education England North East  to offer a variety of posts that can offer medical and dental trainees a clear clinical academic career pathway with the highest quality training, supervision and support. Our partnership allows us to deliver a balance between research and clinical training that is tailored to an individual’s needs.

Posts on offer: