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Technician Partnership Conference 2024

Building on the success of our TPC2022 event we are hosting the Technician Partnership Conference 2024 (TPC2024). A 500 delegate one day technician conference at Newcastle University on the 26 June 2024.

Event information

The conference will have national reach, whilst building on local initiatives. It aims to bring together communities of technicians from the five universities in the Northeast and the N8.

The key theme for TPC2024 is “Know... Learn... Do“. Gain knowledge, learn how and go do. A conference that any technician can attend, find something out and take it away to implement.

Sub themes

Within the main theme we have sub themes of:

  • sustainability
  • communications
  • wellbeing
  • career development

We wanted TPC2024 to be different to other conferences whilst still being relevant to technicians. As with other professions and other sectors there have been many changes in our working environment. We want to try and add value to these changes by sharing best practice in areas like:

  • digital communications
  • writing equipment grants
  • networking technical specialists

Not forgetting that we have a neurodiverse workforce and student population. Which means we need to think about how we communicate and if we can do this better to improve the wellbeing of all.

We all want opportunities for career development. So we will look at entry points into the technical career pathway and through special interest groups. We will review how we can achieve more by bringing colleagues together to explore common interests like engineering, science or the arts. 

The carbon/environmental sustainability angle is important to us. Since a lot of recent technology has come to the marketplace we were wondering if this is something SLS and/or their suppliers could explore with us so that it forms a key part of the programme (flash talks) and trade exhibition.

Keynote speakers

In addition to the above programme, we will have two keynote speakers.

Dr Hannah Roberts who is a scientist and award-winning coach with clients over six continents. She is on a mission to eradicate inequity in the workplace by guiding professionals to design careers for fulfilment. This involves having a mind-set for leadership to build progressive workplace cultures where every individual feels valued.

Dr Kelly Vere MBE started her career as a technician at University of Nottingham. She has completed and led on mountains of work to address the challenges that technicians face in the HE sector. Particularly around the lack of visibility and recognition.  She was the founder of the Technicians commitment which now has more than 115 Signatories. She has also led on two £5M UKRI funded projects (MI Talent and UK-Institute of Technical Skills and Strategy).

Find out more

Download the NU_Tech Conference 2024_Programme‌ (PDF: 1MB)

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