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How to write a personal statement

A personal statement is your chance to convince universities they should offer you a place. So it’s natural that writing one comes with a lot of pressure.

Even applicants who enjoy writing often find their personal statement intimidating. Striking the right tone, the perfect amount of detail, knowing what’s relevant to put in and what isn’t, are just a few of the things you may be worried about.

In our guide, you will find:

  • how to start and end your personal statement
  • how to structure your personal statement
  • how to make sure your personal statement is typo-proof
  • and more

Watch our simple five step guide to your perfect personal statement

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We understand that the university applications can come with a lot of stress. But, try to trust the process and remember that whatever happens, there is always a space for you to grow and learn in higher education.

For more information on writing your personal statement, download our Personal Statement eBook. It includes tips on the transferable skills you’ve gained during the Covid-19 pandemic.