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Our Chemistry degrees give you access to diverse fields of study, including the discovery of new anti-cancer drugs, development of battery technology, and nanoscience and nanoscale electronics.

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Help create a sustainable future

From the moment you start at Newcastle, we consider you a student scientist. This means that we support you to take what you learn in the lab and apply it.

Join our vibrant, diverse and enterprising community. Our network of international partners and alumni spans the globe.

You may complete placements in industry across the UK or at universities in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Working in companies like Akzo Nobel, GSK and BMW, you have a range of exciting opportunities to explore your future in chemistry.

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Newcastle University offers an outstanding student experience and a world-class education for life. Our commitment to academic excellence is demonstrated through our position in global rankings. We have a world-class reputation for research excellence, and we were awarded a Gold Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017.