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We are continuing to reach out to our partners across all sectors to provide the support they need most now.

Our cultural partners

This is an extremely challenging time for the cultural sector. Venues, organisations and freelancers are all affected by Covid19. The Government and Arts Council England have announced supportive measures for the sector. Many partners are working through what this means for them.

We are adopting a needs-led, responsive approach to supporting our cultural partners. For example, we are collaborating on specific initiatives through sharing:

  • resource
  • people power
  • expertise

In response to requests, we are working to create an online place to meet and discuss issues for the North East.

Our students are also keen to explore collaborative opportunities. Many are continuing with their own practice while working from home.

View of Tyne Bridge at night

Our voluntary, community and social enterprise partners

The challenge Covid-19 poses for the voluntary and community sector is huge. Many organisations and groups are seeing a sharp increase in demands for services.

As with the cultural sector, it is important that our approach is needs-led. We are eager to focus on issues of:

  • gender, sexuality and violence
  • race, ethnicity and migration
  • poverty especially in relation to childhood and education

This is in response to our partners in the community and voluntary sector. It's in alignment with our commitment to social justice.

We are conscious that digital exclusion is an important theme across these issues.

If you have an idea you would like to explore with us, or think we can support your work, then please get in touch.

Our business partners

These are worrying and challenging times for business. The current crisis is severely affecting many companies' ability to continue trading. Some of our collaborative ventures with companies are currently on hold. We're looking at how we use University resources and capabilities to help business.

Many of our students and staff have offered their support to the local businesses. Are you looking to answer the government’s call for help with the supply of equipment or training? We have volunteers with a wide range of expertise and would like to help in any way we can.

Local commerce

We are working with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NE LEP). We're also working with other organisations, such as the:

  • Confederation of British Industry
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • NE1

We want to use the University’s expertise and capabilities to support local commerce.