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Newcastle University Academies


Newcastle University Academies

Co-ordinating, disseminating and catalysing research excellence

We take a distinctive approach to promoting best practice for research and impact. Our aims include:

  • covering all disciplines
  • connecting research with its end-users
  • growing our capacity for research

We have four NU Academies:

  • Skills Academy
  • Policy Academy
  • Global Challenges Academy
  • Enterprise Academy

Skills Academy

The Skills Academy supports our staff and students at all career stages. It equips them with the skills to contribute to research and innovation in many sectors.

The Academy coordinates our provision of research and innovation training which:

  • supports different career routes
  • nurtures creativity
  • catalyses innovation through building external partnerships

Find out more about research training and development.

Enterprise Academy

The Enterprise Academy supports our ambitions to increase the volume of commercially-engaged research. We hope this accelerates the impact of our research.

The Academy brings together staff from the University and commercial organisations. This helps to align innovative endeavours, exploring and encouraging closer working relationships.

The Academy aims to raise general awareness across the University about commerce and business. This will instil confidence in managing those relationships. In collaboration with our commercial partners, it offers:

  • new training
  • networking
  • speaker events

Find out more about the Enterprise Academy. 

Policy Academy

The Policy Academy catalyses the impact of our research.

It helps academic and professional staff from different disciplines to:

  • engage with policymakers
  • build networks and opportunities to learn together
  • exchange knowledge and expertise

We deliver a programme of cross-cutting activities to connect research, policy and practice. This will help us find innovative solutions, benefiting society locally, nationally and internationally.

Find out more about our Engagement Strategy.

Global Challenges Academy

We make important research discoveries by working together with our partners. We support many networks, projects and people engaged in research with low-middle income countries.

Our projects include:

  • combating air pollution in Delhi
  • building solar drying units in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Global Challenge Research Fund Hubs in water security and river deltas

We aim to tackle today's global challenges, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn more about our work and get involved.

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