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Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Our courses will get you exploring in the field and experimenting in the lab. You can choose from courses in traditional biology, plant science, zoology, biomedical science, pharmacology, marine science and psychology.

Solving problems with tomorrow's science

We offer a diverse range of degrees in biology and biomedical sciences.

Our biology-related degrees study nature and animals. You'll develop a comprehensive understanding of all forms of life. Newcastle has a host of unique habitats for you to discover. You'll enjoy a unique learning experience at Newcastle University.

Biomedical research-led degrees focus on human health and disease. From the treatment of disease to new drug developments, Newcastle University transforms lives.

What's the difference between these subjects?

Biology and Biomedical Sciences courses

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Newcastle University offers an outstanding student experience and a world-class education for life. Our commitment to academic excellence is demonstrated through our position in global rankings. We have a world-class reputation for research excellence.