Newcastle University London

Liverpool to Liverpool Street

Liverpool to Liverpool Street

Find out how I felt before coming to University, what led me to study at Newcastle London and how I am enjoying student life in London.

Street art in London

Joining Newcastle London

My journey to becoming a student at Newcastle University London was perhaps not as straightforward as many of my classmates'. I initially selected Liverpool University as my first choice and on results day I was accepted! However, once I visited Newcastle University London and researched the course further, I knew that Newcastle had to be my first choice.

I looked at the clearing options on UCAS and saw that Newcastle University had a campus in London, and it offered a Business course with Spanish. After a very friendly conversation with a member of Newcastle’s admissions team, I was offered a place! It really was a very easy process and with the prospect of learning Spanish as part of my course I knew that I had made the right choice.

My parents and I visited the London campus in Liverpool Street and were overwhelmed with the friendliness of the staff and how modern the building was. Liverpool Street is such an exciting place to study, as the campus is close to Shoreditch and Spitalfields, both are fun places to meet up with friends for a coffee and a chat!

Preparing for the move to University

I found preparing for University stressful as I was not sure what I needed to pack, what kitchen supplies I would need. Did I needed to do any pre-reading for University and would I make friends quickly in halls. Luckily there’s lots of information and ‘university survival guides’ on the internet. I found ‘studentroom’ particularly useful for information on what to pack: top tip - the shop ‘Wilko’ sells complete kitchen sets for University which are super cheap and have everything that you will need! 

My parents travelled with me and my suitcases to settle me into halls the week before University started, which gave me time to chat to people and find the local supermarkets. London can be very daunting as you don’t arrive at a huge campus surrounded by thousands of students. But, this is where I think Newcastle London’s ‘fresher’s week’ really helped as it allowed me to make friends with not only my class mates, but people from other courses too. I enjoyed a wide variety of events, from rooftop mini golf to the Stratford slide!

Living in London

I chose to live in ‘Chapter Spitalfields’ as this was recommended to me when visiting the University. As with all halls, it really is about putting yourself out there and trying your best to make friends, even if that is just chatting to someone in the TV room or asking them about University work in the study area. The photo in this section is of the view from the library in Chapter Spitalfields, a lovely view while you’re writing essays.

Library in Chapter Spitalfields accommodation

Newcastle University London so far…

Looking back now, I know that I have made the right decision in coming to Newcastle London. I love my International Business Management course as I can learn Spanish, something I gave up after GCSEs. The ‘igniting connections’ seminars really are so useful, not just in the sense that they can offer advice on careers/ applications, but they keep me focused on my future goals which I think makes Newcastle London stand out from so many other institutions. 

Furthermore, the close relationships I have with my lecturers has meant that I feel comfortable asking for their advice. The smaller campus also means that I don’t have to book an appointment with lecturers weeks in advance like my friends from big campus universities have to, I can just knock on their door! For those students not sure about whether to put Newcastle London as one of their UCAS choices, I would really urge you to visit the campus and speak to staff and students alike.

Highlights of living in London

For me, my highlights so far of living in London would have to be seeing the Christmas lights turned on at Oxford Street. London has so much to offer and I regularly check ‘Time Out’ magazine to see what’s going on around me as living in Liverpool Street means I am close to lots of events! The University campus is surrounded by great shops and places to eat which allows for a very social university experience.


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