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Guide to CPD courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital for your progression no matter what sector you’re working in.

CPD is the process of learning new skills or developing knowledge to support your career. CPD isn’t a one-off course. It is an ongoing process of lifelong learning. It allows you to continually upskill or re-skill, regardless of your age, experience, or occupation.

CPD offers benefits for both employees and employers

For employees, it helps you to:

  • keep your skills up to date
  • work towards your goals
  • build your confidence and credibility

For employers, by encouraging staff development, it helps:

  • maintain high standards
  • increase employee engagement
  • highlight changes to working practices and standards

CPD courses

One of the most popular ways to undertake CPD is to carry out a structured course to develop key skills. These are available from a variety of providers, covering different industries and areas of expertise. 

These courses meet the growing demand for professional skills development. Many address skills shortages in specific industries, or provide the certifications required by regulatory bodies.

Different types of CPD courses are available, including:

Types of CPD

CPD can focus on practical skills, updating knowledge, or a combination of the two.

There are many ways to continue your professional development. They include both structured and self-directed learning.

CPD courses at Newcastle

As a world-class, research-intensive University, we facilitate learning of the highest quality. Our CPD programme builds on our rich history and international reputation for excellence and innovation.

We work with a wide range of businesses and organisations around the world to support CPD. These include high-profile organisations such as the NHS and the Environment Agency.

Our courses cover a range of sectors and industries, including:

Many of our courses award academic credit and some carry professional body accreditation. You will find information about accreditation on the individual course pages.

Find a full list of our CPD courses

Things to consider when choosing CPD

If you’re thinking about furthering your career with CPD, it’s important you consider the following factors:

  • will the training help you reach your goals?
  • is the training suitable for your industry?
  • have you got the time to commit to the course or training?
  • would you prefer classroom or online learning, or perhaps a mix of both (blended learning)?

More information about our CPD courses

Questions about CPD?