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CPD Courses in Transport

CPD Courses in Transport

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Newcastle University is not delivering any face-to-face CPD programmes before January 2021. If you are interested in studying any of our modules online, contact the CPD Unit for advice.


As one of the leading centres of transport technology in Europe, the Transport Operations Research Group (TORG) have been central to key research in areas such as road user charging and smartcards. We have developed both policy ideas and underlying technologies.

We're running a world-leading trial in electric vehicles and public charging infrastructure in the North East of England. The trial is informing policy, international standards development, and the impact on energy demand and environmental emissions.

We've also developed Motes, a low-cost wireless sensing technology. Several local authorities have deployed it commercially, to monitor traffic pollution and help develop strategies to manage the traffic demand and reduce emissions. This world-leading technology is being assessed for deployment in a number of high profile international cities.

Our research is carried out under three themes: technology, environment, and behaviour.

Short Courses in Transport

Professional development courses offered by the Transport Group are delivered by University academics and industry experts, and supported by relevant institutions and associations.

An option for formal assessment and Master credits may be available for some courses.

Many of the courses are modules on aught Masters programmes in Transport, which may be taken as either full time or part time.

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