Carbon Research Laboratories

Carbon Research Laboratories

The Northern Carbon Research Laboratories (NCRL) are part of the School of Chemistry, specialising in the study of all aspects of carbon science and adsorption.

The laboratories have a wide range of instrumentation for measuring adsorption, reactivity, gas evolution and swelling and for carbonization under a range of conditions.

Services Offered

Techniques available in the laboratories include:

  • optical microscopy (including hot stage)
  • image analysis
  • microhardness and microstrength testing
  • elemental analysis
  • thermal analysis including instruments linked with mass spectrometric analysis (TGMS) of gaseous products
  • high pressure thermobalance coupled with mass spectroscopy
  • intelligent gravimetric analysis (IGA) systems for vapour/gas adsorption in static and flowing conditions
  • active surface area analysis
  • small scale carbonisation facilities, dilatometry and plastometry are available over a range of pressures
  • entrained flow reactor, used for combustion studies
  • adsorption techniques including McBain Springs and microbalance systems
  • the assessment of energies of interaction during adsorption is carried out using a flow micro-calorimeter
  • the dynamics of the adsorption process is studied using microbalance and flow microcalorimetry techniques
  • structural studies are carried out using laser Raman microprobe spectroscopy, SEM, TEM, X-ray diffraction and FTIR.

While these techniques are specifically used for our carbon studies, they are applicable to a range of material science investigations.

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